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Level up your creative business (...even during a pandemic)

Three easy-to-implement tips to help your creative business thrive during tough times.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers everywhere have been hit hard during this coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn't mean you have to let your business growth stall out.

While it is normal for businesses to experience highs and lows during their lifetime, we are truly moving through an unprecedented (...yes I said it!) time in our history. These three steps can help alleviate some of that stress, and get you moving in the right direction!

What are some secrets to thriving through chaos??


You don't need all of the answers, but honest and regular communication with your staff and customers is a must if you want your business to thrive. You cannot assume that the people around you can read your mind. A quick, simple email, social post or phone call can go a long way to calm nerves, gain trust, and move the needle in the right direction. While you may not have all of the answers due to quickly changing scenarios during a challenging time, your staff and customers will appreciate your transparency and willingness to keep them in the loop on what you do know. Timely communication is always a good idea!


Be flexible and get out of the mindset of "we've always done things this way." Start to ask yourself how you can deliver great service in a new way. The answer is there, you just have to be open to creative thinking.

Pro tip: Schedule "creative time" in your day to dream about wild new ways to run your business. Have fun with it... anything goes during creative time! Keeping lists of these larger-than-life ideas can spark new ideas for your business that you otherwise would have overlooked. Your next great idea could be right around the corner if you just allow yourself to daydream a little more!


Stop using the excuse "I don't know how to get funding" or "I'm not sure how to attract new clients"... Google it! You can find the answer to just about anything in a few minutes of searching. Another benefit of learning about new things... It can spark so many awesome ideas that can lead your business down a successful path that you would have never imagined. There are countless websites and online resources where you can find free or affordable courses to learn new skills.

You've got this! YOU are made for so much more! Your business can thrive even through tough times, and you are capable of leading the way.

Need a little extra support as you navigate a challenging time in your business? Check out my 1:1 Coaching opportunities for early-stage and newbie entrepreneurs!


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