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Brighton Michigan female entrepreneurs

Empowered Entrepreneurs
Coaching Program

A 6-week transformative group coaching session for female entrepreneurs operating and growing purpose-driven businesses

Group coaching program for woman business owners

Now Enrolling!

My next EECP cohort runs:

April 10 - May 15, 2024

Live sessions every Wednesday 10am-12pm ET

If you are an ambitious female business owner, seeking to build a strategic plan for growth and feel supported in your journey, then THIS IS FOR YOU!

"I feel like current business owners (especially solo entrepreneurs) could use this course as accountability and a hard health-check on their business."

Spring 2023 participant


My Empowered Entrepreneurs Coaching Program will guide you through examining the foundation of your new or growing business, while you connect with fellow like-minded female entrepreneurs in a supportive, collaborative and energizing atmosphere.

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Success coach for female entrepreneurs

Facilitated by Kathy King
Success coach, educator and entrepreneur

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With 20+ years experience as a self-employed entrepreneur, I am honored to help women across the globe step into their greatness and build the lives of their dreams. I approach business with a sense of creativity and a solution-focused mindset.

I'm ready to help you step into your next amazing chapter of life... are YOU ready?!


Join my next session

April 10 - May 15, 2024

Meets every Wednesday 10am-12pm, in-person or virtual

$800 session fee / Payment plans available

In this 6 week session, we will cover...

Mission, Vision & Values

Clarifying the foundation of your business to help shape the future of your success.

Goal Setting (that actually works!)

More than just writing a goal on paper, we will develop an action plan to start producing real results.

Backend Systems

Learn about the systems & tools that will streamline your business for increased efficiency and profits.

Clarifying Your Marketing

Understand your target audience, develop a strong message and get creative with reaching new customers.

Income & Impact

Discussions on increasing your profits to allow your business to make a bigger impact in the world.

Taking ACTION!

Explore how to take all of the tools we have learned throughout the six week program and begin applying them for immediate business growth!

Weekly Meetings

EECP will meet every Wednesday from 10am-12pm ET.

Our sessions are hosted inside the stunning Brighton Light House Art Studio, located conveniently near the I-96/US-23 interchange in Metro-Detroit, MI.

(Non-local attendees can join virtually via Zoom!)


"Working with Kathy has been transformative! I cannot say enough good things. I leave every coaching session with renewed energy and a plan forward."


Young Businesswomen


Immediate Results

- Renewed energy & motivation

- Increased confidence

- Tips, tricks and tools to begin applying NOW to improve your business

- Action plans to implement each week

- Accountability from coach Kathy & your cohort team


Long-Lasting Results

- Increased profits

- A strong network of other women who understand the entrepreneurial journey

- More time spent in your zone of genius because you now have systems in place to run your business more efficiently

- Tools to succeed

- A more resilient mindset to handle your business challenges

- Living life on your terms with a purpose-driven business that truly supports your dreams



Value-packed Program!

Join my next EECP cohort, and you'll receive...

✔️Customized Welcome Gift ($100 value)

✔️Individual 30min on-boarding session ($60 value)

✔️6 Weekly 2hr LIVE group coaching sessions ($1,800 value)

✔️Hot Seat rotations each week ($900 value)

✔️Implementing new branding & marketing strategies in real time ($2,000+ value)

✔️Individual 30min debrief session ($60 value)

🎉BONUS: Work-Optimizing Playlists & Book Recommendations

🎉BONUS: Surprise Expert Guest Coaches ($1,000+ value)

🎉BONUS: Deals on future KKS events & preferred partner events



Call me crazy, but I actually want you to succeed! That is why I have priced this program to be accessible to as many seriously ambitious female entrepreneurs as possible. Let's change the world, y'all!

Cohort 2: Runs April 10-May 15, 2024
Enrollment opens soon!

Empowered Entrepreneurs Coaching Program


You are meant for more.


"My new confidence has trickled over into all other areas of my career and personal life!"


"I took a ton of what we talked about into our board meeting and it helped us get cracking on some big financial decisions!"


"I cannot say this enough, this is the program you never knew you needed! You absolutely will not regret doing this for yourself!"


  • Who should register for Empowered Entrepreneurs Coaching Program?
    My Empowered Entrepreneurs Coaching Program is designed for female entrepreneurs (or future entrepreneurs) who are craving the community and support needed to actually make their business ideas a reality! This program is for you if... You are really great at “what you do”, but need some support in getting your business off the ground or moving in the right direction There is a pull in your heart to bring your great ideas to life Making a positive impact in the world is important to you You are committed to showing up and doing the work You probably need someone to hold you accountable You have a vision for the business you want to build, but not sure where to start You find yourself having bursts of high vibration energy and momentum, but that comes and goes as you run into roadblocks because you haven’t quite found your community of like-minded female entrepreneurs yet
  • How much does it cost?
    Empowered Entrepreneurs Coaching Program is an $800 investment. Scroll back up to learn more about everything that is included and what you can expect to see as a return on your investment.
  • What is the time commitment?
    The EECP will meet live once per week for a two-hour coaching session for six consecutive weeks (per the dates of the program). The next cohort will happen in Spring 2024 (dates TBA). Weekly meetings will take place on Wednesday's at 10am-12pm Eastern Time, located at Brighton Light House in Brighton, MI USA or virtually via Zoom Video Conferencing. Beyond our live sessions together, participants will also receive activities to complete between sessions on their own time that coincide with the topics we are exploring each week. All participants will get a 30-minute on-boarding meeting to meet with Kathy to discuss your goals and expectations for your time in the EECP. Upon completion of the program, participants will also receive a 30-minute debrief meeting to discuss how you can take everything you've learned and put it into action for continue growth in your business. These on-boarding and debrief meetings will be scheduled by the participants to best fit your own schedule.
  • How do I sign up?
    I am proud to partner with the Brighton Light House to host my Empowered Entrepreneurs Coaching Program! They handle all registration and payments for the EECP. Sign up for the 2024 Spring EECP here: You will be prompted to submit your contact information, plus answer some questions to help me get to know you a bit more. You will also make your payment when you register. If you need any payment assistance or have questions about a payment plan, please contact me directly at
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