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Build your dream team


One of the biggest fatal flaws of new business owners is thinking that they can (and need) to do everything themselves, with the fear that no one else will do it right.

This mindset will hold you back from growing your business, and could cost you more money in the long run.

You need to accept the fact that you cannot do everything alone, and you cannot build the business of your dreams in a silo.

Sure, the early phases of starting a business require a lean staff (or no staff), but eventually hiring the right people can help you make more money and save money in certain areas.

Photo: Female business owners working together

Here are some key team members who could help accelerate your career growth:

1. Virtual Assistant

A VA can cake over the small, repeatable tasks that distract you from doing the work that is within your zone of genius. Things like email maintenance, social media post scheduling, virtual community engagement, copy writing, website design, etc.

2. Accountant or Bookkeeper

This role is a non-negotiable position on your team if you ask me. If you are not a financial expert, hire an accountant and/or bookkeeper as soon as possible. They will help to make sure you are keeping track of financial records properly, filing taxes correctly, and alert you to areas in your business where you can be saving money. Find a CPA locally by asking around, or search for a virtual option. Always read reviews before settling on someone new.

3. Content Creator

Even if you enjoy creating content for your business, passing on some tasks like social media graphics, blog writing, email copy writing, etc can free up your time to do more big picture tasks.

4. Marketing Strategist

If you’re not an expert in marketing, hiring someone or a team of people who can help create your marketing strategy will result in faster, more efficient growth in your business.

5. Coach or Mentor

Every successful business leader has a coach or a mentor in their corner! Investing in your professional development through hiring a business coach is one of the most impactful steps to growing your career. I encourage you to seek out a mentor that you can work with on the individual level over a period of time on a specific goal.

6. Talent or Booking Agent

I work with a lot of arts industry professionals, so I wanted to sneak this one onto the list. Performers, choreographers, directors, and performance companies should all consider signing with an agency that can advocate for you and find great opportunities. Do a search of your local area first to find out if there are any local or regional agencies. Then, move on to the national or international level. You don't have to live in a major city to be signed by a great agency! Your agent will send you auditions, casting calls or direct offers as they come up, and they typically get the inside scoop on new opportunities before non-represented artists do.

Most importantly, when you begin hiring employees or contractors as you scale your business, consider hiring people who are more experienced than you and think differently than you. The last thing you want is a room full of carbon copies of yourself. This is a quick way to remain stagnant because you are not creating opportunities to be challenged or see things from a different perspective.

This list is only a few of the key hires that will make your job easier and more profitable over time. What other positions would help you in your business? Comment below!



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