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You will never feel ready... begin anyway!

It is normal to feel unprepared, under qualified and simply not ready when you have a new great idea. My best advice? Begin anyway!

We've all been there... an amazing idea comes to you while you're out for a walk, or in the shower, or talking with friends. Maybe it is a creative concept for a performance, or a more efficient way to run your business. It could even be an idea so big that it could change your life.

If only you had the guts to act on it.

The best decision you can make in your entrepreneurial journey is to begin before you feel ready.

Here is how it usually plays out: The idea comes to you. Then, you have two options... laugh it off, or pursue it further.

Let's say you do a few Google searches. You begin to expand on the idea in your journal, you ask your friends for input, you might even start crunching the numbers to see what the financial risk would be if you actually went after this big idea. A few weeks go by and you're still obsessing over this idea.

But, undoubtedly, your little friend "fear" shows up.

Fear screams at you... "Are you insane?! You can't pull this off!" "Who do you think you are? You are wildly under-qualified to take this on!" "What if you fail?"

Side note: This is completely normal human behavior. Everyone experiences doubt when they go after something great in their life. I've been there a thousand times!

If you allow yourself to quiet the fear, you'll continue hearing the voice that brought you the idea in the first place. Listen to that voice. Give it space to expand and amplify.

Most importantly... Start before you're ready. Stop waiting for the plans to be perfect. Flaws will always exist, and they grant you the opportunity to learn and grow.

Here's some hard truth that a lot of people don't want to hear: You are going to fail. You are going to struggle. Once you except that truth, you can move on and get to work.

Struggling means you're making progress. It means you care enough to try.

So, get out there and GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT in this life! You aren't ready, but if you keep waiting, the day may never come. Start today!



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