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Empowering Women to Build, Launch & Grow Purpose-Driven Businesses.


Building your own business is not easy.


It's not for everyone. But, I can assume that you already have what it takes, otherwise you wouldn't have landed on my website today.

Business coaching for women in Brighton, MI

Women face a mountain of unique challenges that can make the idea of running a business successfully feel totally overwhelming.

As a success coach for female entrepreneurs, I'll be by your side while you navigate the challenges of owning a business... and I'll be cheering SO loudly when it's time to celebrate your successes.

Hey there,

I'm Kathy King.

Like you, I know how important it is to design a life where my career supports my lifestyle, and allows me to make a huge impact in the world... and I want to support YOU in your own journey!


I have a unique approach to what I call "success coaching". I have spent the past 20+ years in the arts industry, building multiple businesses from the ground up. Combine that with my endless pursuit of empowering others to experience more joy and real, tangible success, and you've got yourself a coach who is ready to get you to the next level of your life!

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Female business owner

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Let's work together!


1:1 Coaching

Personalized sessions to focus on your individual needs as an entrepreneur. Great for new and established business owners!​


Click here to get started with 1:1 Coaching!


Group Coaching

There's power in numbers! Join a community of like-minded female entrepreneurs in one of my group coaching programs, offered several times each year.​


Click here to get started with Group Coaching!


Dance Business Coaching

With 20+ years in the dance industry, I have a passion for helping dance professionals, studio owners and freelancers to build sustainable careers.


Click here to get started with Dance Business Coaching!

Online Programs


"I've been able to examine where my business is at and identify areas that need work. I'm more confident in myself as a business owner and proud of what I have created solo, but have learned that I need help and accountability in order to grow."

Dr. Samantha Brish, owner of Element Chiropractic & Wellness, Metro-Detroit, MI

"I have worked with Kathy King and she is a rock star. So full of ideas that lead to change and success!"

Carolyn LaPan, Entrepreneur

Satori CL (Nutrition Specialist)

"Working with Kathy has been transformative! I cannot say enough good things!"

Emily Stone, CEO

Empowered Bumps & Boobs

"Kathy has been a phenomenal investment and an amazing person to have on my team."

Ashley Watterson, Founder

Yoga Strong Foundation

Woman Typing

You don't have to build your future alone.

You've come too far to only come this far!

From this...


Full of great ideas with no clue where to start

Afraid to take action


Scarcity mindset

Small network


To that!


Launching a purpose-driven business

Making HUGE impact


Abundance mindset

Growing community


"Thank you again for the guidance & inspiration you gave me... an A+ experience!"

Jen Kuhnberg, Director

Onstage Dance Company

"Kathy gives me actionable ideas... my anxiety surrounding my brand has decreased because I now feel more clear in my vision and purpose."

Maria Haralambis, CEO

The Dance Scientist

"I now have a more serious approach to my role in establishing a business."

Kathleen Hodges, BS, RN

Ananda Wellness LLC

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