It's time to get the spark* back in your career!

*Side effects may include increased happiness, less stress, more profits and an overall positive state of well-being.

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"Success" is not a place on a map, it's a state of mind.


Success Coaching

for early stage & evolving creative entrepreneurs

The early stages of starting a business can feel like a never ending uphill challenge as you attempt to reach this elusive place of being deemed "successful".

When you shift your mindset to knowing that you (and only you) can define exactly what "success" means and looks like, then you can truly start to walk confidently through your career.

You are already great at what you do. Now it's time to take control of your business so the world can experience your gifts, too!


I coach early-stage creative entrepreneurs to clarify vision, build a solid strategy and start taking massive action.

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  • 3 Month Small Group Coaching

  • Ongoing 1:1 Coaching

  • Mastermind Retreats

  • Staff & Board Meeting Facilitation

First and foremost, I am a totally flawed human who geeks out over helping people succeed! After spending 20+ years in the professional dance industry, helping to launch the careers of hundreds of dancers and educators, I am excited to extend my reach into other creative industries.

My work focuses on building a value-driven career, understanding your ideal customer, uncovering the blind spots in your new business, and crafting authentic brand messaging to attract sustainable success for years to come!

Places you've seen me.

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