Jodie Randolph

Founder/Artistic Director, Jodie Randolph Dance Co. (Ann Arbor, MI)

"Kathy is fantastic! Her resume building webinar has greatly impacted my dancers. It's a MUST for jump starting or refining your career!"

Jessica Manzaneres

Studio Director, The Dance Place, Ltd. (Waterford, MI)

“Not only does Kathy have a way of inspiring her students, she also inspires her fellow dance teachers and coaches to be the best they can."

Anna Oginsky

Owner, Brighton Light House (MI)

"Her passion and creativity shines through in her strategic planning, making it both fun and effective."

Kyla Lloyd

Student, Fitness Instructor (NYC)

“Kathy’s class is the epitome of energy, light, and joy!

Even in a room of 100, you will receive direct encouragement. In Kathy’s class, you are seen and appreciated."

Samuel Horning

Samuel Horning

Dance educator/artist (Tuscon, AZ)

"As Kathy's student turned colleague, I have experienced and witnessed her tap into the deep spirits of her students, colleagues, neighbors, and friends. Her personalized expertise and breadth of knowledge for igniting fierce devotion and excellence of craft are intoxicating and infectious."

Special Recognition

August 2019

Kathy received a SPECIAL TRIBUTE certificate from the State of Michigan during the celebration of the 10th Annual Brighton Dance Festival. The honor was presented on behalf of State Senator Lana Theis, and signed by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, State Rep Ann Bollin, and Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist.

"Let it be known, that it is a great pleasure to pay tribute to the founder and director of the Brighton Dance Festival, Kathy King.

...Kathy is an exceptional instructor and an exceptional person. She has been described by her students as an 'excellent role model' and a driving force behind their desire to reach their dreams in the performing arts."

Places you've seen me...

Crain's Detroit Business 20 in their 20s

Recipient of the 2013 award for her work as a dance educator and director in the metro-Detroit area.

Erik Abbott-Main

Professional dancer/choreographer (NYC)

“Kathy's movement class is unlike any I've taken or experienced elsewhere. It's entirely selfless, rigorous and inspirational. With students, you harness endorphins as a vehicle to break through to a heightened degree of honesty and wholeness which, in turn, invites them (somewhat unconsciously) to physically and emotionally express themselves with depth and dimension. In short, your technique class is a practice of performing vs a more common learn-by-copying approach. As a fellow educator, I find her class incredibly impelling and informative.

Katie Chartrand

Dance educator/choreographer (Toronto, ON)

"Kathy as a leader instills confidence in those around her, trust, openness, kindness and love. No matter how many people are in class, she sees you, she welcomes you and she cares about you.

They always say there is that one dance teacher who changes it all for you, and for me, that was Kathy."

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