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Monthly Goals & Gratitude


Growing your business requires a positive mindset and a focus on clear goals.

Many years ago, my father (and greatest mentor in business) said to me "Once you have achieved a goal, pat yourself on the back and raise that goal."

That stuck with me, and has helped me navigate my career with greater determination, self-appreciation and excitement for the next challenge in life.

My Goals & Gratitude Club will help you maintain a growth mindset all year long, and continue to level up those goals as you keep finding success.

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I've been implementing my"Goals & Gratitude" practice for years to help my students develop a growth mindset and positive outlook on life.

Now, it's YOUR turn to join the fun!

What is the Goals & Gratitude Club?


We'll meet virtually once per month to craft our short term goals, create an action plan and express our gratitude for all we have. Each session is warm and welcoming to all!


There's something so extraordinary about the energy of a group setting to declare your goals and gratitude! Whether you are a business owner, or an individual looking for a more positive mindset, the Goals & Gratitude Club will benefit you!

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