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The power of embracing your true self

mindset Jun 07, 2021

You are a unique, stunning human.

You have dedicated your entire life to your craft. Years of dance training, performing, creating, and pushing through challenges to get to where you are today.

You have dealt with judgement from others who don’t understand the arts industry, and remarks from family who think you should “get a real job”. You watch your peers succeed and cheer them on, waiting for your time in the spotlight. Sometimes (or often) you find yourself second guessing your decision to pursue a career in the arts.

In a field that can feel so personal, it is common for dancers to feel the negative pull toward impostor syndrome. This is when you find yourself doubting your skills and accomplishments. Maybe you feel like any success you experience is simply luck, or that one of these days you will be exposed for the fraud that you really are.

The beautiful thing about life is that we get to create our reality. 

You are the only person on the planet who has the power to determine your worth and value. Other people do not get to decide how much value you bring to the world.

If you have a passion inside your heart, remind yourself that you are capable of bringing that vision to life.

Stress and worry are normal feelings in any career path, and you shouldn't beat yourself up over those moments of self judgement. Take a moment to recognize how you're feeling, check yourself if you're getting stuck in a cycle of negativity, and keep moving forward toward your dreams.

Most importantly, never apologize for expressing yourself honestly.

People in your life might not understand your life choices, but that is none of your business. The way other people choose to act has nothing to do with you, and definitely shouldn't slow you down toward achieving your goals.

When you lean into who you are to the core, you unlock your super powers. You offer a unique perspective and a creative vision that no one else can offer. Embrace it!


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